Our new Protect Your Playground design is easily one of our favorites, which is why today we are going to give you the backstory on the design!

The Original Design Inspiration

This drawing is what we sent to our amazing designer friend, Amanda, as the inspiration for our Protect Your Playground Oversized Tee. But where did this drawing originate? Years ago, my dad, sister, a few friends and myself started a little think tank group. We started to come up with the idea for a business called Being Better Beings and this was an idea we came up with for the logo. The idea and business ended up not coming to fruition and this drawing ended up in a pile of papers.

Fast forward to earlier this year, my dad found the drawing again. He sent it to me saying it could end up working for something for Wandering Waves now. I instantly knew what I wanted to do with it.

In my on going list of design ideas I had the idea of doing something with the text "Protect Your Playground." I instantly knew those words would be perfect with this design.


I sent the inspiration photo with Amanda and asked her to add a little beachy flare with the surfboards and hibiscus flowers and had her add the be a better being as an ode to the original intent of the design. 


After a couple modifications to the design we landed on the design we now know and love- the design that reminds us that this planet is the only one we've got. It's the only playground we have to enjoy so we must protect it!

All photos and the final Protect Your Playground design are by Amanda Vick! Check her out and show her some love- she's AMAZING!

Amanda's Insta

Amanda's Website