Giving Back

At Wandering Waves Surf Company we are constantly striving to provide both products and a purchasing experience that are kind to the planet. Our shipping materials are able to be composted at home, we do not use any unnecessary plastic or excess packaging in our shipping process and all of our product can check one or multiple of the following criteria: made with organic cotton, made from recycled materials, are certified climate neutral.


In addition to always working to better our company in it's environmentally conscious practices, we know that our impact is greater when we work with others.


How are we doing this?


We are donating 5% of each sale to Coral Restoration Foundation! Coral Restoration Foundation is based out of Key Largo, Florida and they work to help regrow and restore Florida's coral reef by farming and outplanting corals. 


Want to learn more about Coral Restoration Foundation and their projects? Check them out here!


Carbon Neutral Shipping Options

We give all our customers the option to make their shipping carbon neutral. How is this done? By simply checking the box at check out, a small fee is added to your order and those fees go directly towards the purchase of carbon offsets.


1kg of Plastic is Intercepted

With each order, 1kg of ocean bound plastic is intercepted thanks to CleanHub. CleanHub works with collection partners in areas of high impact in Indonesia and India to collect non-recyclable plastic and safely process it.

You can learn more about CleanHub, here!