Hey there! I'm so excited that you stumbled upon Wandering Waves Surf Company!!

A little about us

I'm Mads, the gal behind the brand! I started Wandering Waves Surf Company as a way to fuse together my love of the beach, the ocean and traveling. I knew from the start that no matter what Wandering Waves was to become it would for sure be as sustainable as I could make it! Through my travels I've come to find this huge desire to help protect the beautiful places I was exploring. It's been so much fun (and at times quite tricky) to find different ways and options for providing products that have the planet in mind while also figuring out different ways for Wandering Waves to be able to give back and provide support for other organizations who are also working at helping our planet and oceans. 

To try and put it all simply, I established the following three values that are the foundation of Wandering Waves Surf Company:

*At Wandering Waves Surf Company we believe in party waves always. Everyone can share a wave with us!

*We tread lightly on the planet in order to preserve the lands we love to explore. This means we use materials that are organic or recycled, some of our products are climate neutral, we donate 5% of every sale to Coral Restoration Foundation and 1kg of plastic is diverted from our oceans with every order!

*We believe in quality over quantity always. Sustainability, quality, longevity, intentionality and good morals are at the forefront of what we are and the things we create. We know perfection in these areas is unattainable, so instead of striving for perfection we strive to continuously be better than we started.


Our hope is that as we grow, we continue to expand upon the ways we can live out these morals. I hope you are able to fall in love with this brand of mine as much as I have, there's so much we are working towards and I can't wait to have you along for the ride!